“I have always enjoyed working with Robin.  She does a first rate job, and with her knowledge of television, she is an asset to any production.”
- Bob Costas, NBC and HBO Sports

"Thanks for all your help on the “Gunfighters” spot.  Your efforts were greatly appreciated!"
-Scott Batz

"The girls looked great & the clowns dazzled…Thank you for your time & talent."
- Cathy, Five Angel Films

"You are such a sweetheart!  Thank you for your valuable time and generosity for our Juvenile Diabetes shoot.  It is wonderful people like you who make projects like this such a success.  Thank you for helping us find a cure for diabetes!"
- Barbie Brooks, Five Angel Films

"You look marvelous & you made me look marvelous, too!"
- Neva

"You did a great job, the proof is on the tape!  I enjoyed working with you and look forward to using your services in the future."
- Joseph Hoffman

"It was a real pleasure working with you.  The makeup looks great on film.  I hope we can work together again soon."
- T. Bird

"Thanks for 2 weeks of great work!"
- Lori Reddy, Schulberg Media Works

"Thanks for all you’ve done and make this day so beautiful."
- Renee & Friends

"Thanks for being patient.  The client was thrilled with the outcome.  And you did some great work with truly amateur actors…they looked spectacular.  Your professionalism and attitude were perfect for the shoot.  Everyone appreciates that kind of hard work and self-motivation.  I’ll be sure to call you on our next commercial project that involves make-up and wardrobe."
- Chris Craig, Producer / Director, Avid Productions

"What can I say except a giant THANK YOU for the exceptional job you did with both my make-up and hair for the wedding.  Of all the people helping out at the wedding you were thrown the most “hiccups”.  The back of the church was not adequate to do make-up but we were able to do it in the auditorium even if the circumstances were not the best (like it was freezing cold!!!).  Also, the veil presented an interesting challenge for you—but Robin came through!!  There were comments throughout the day about how beautiful I looked—made me feel pretty good let me tell you!!!  I told people that, 'I guess I clean-up pretty well!'  So thank you Robin for being the true professional that you are.  You made it work.  I am also glad that you felt that you did a wonderful job—yes, you are great at your trade."
- Phil and Suzanne

"Thank you for sharing you gifts with us!  I hope the book adds to your jobs in speaking with clarity, confidence and power while keeping your gentleness."
- Sean



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